14kt Gold with Two Pear Cut and Two Round Cut CZ Threadless End

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Step into the realm of ethereal beauty with the Buddha Jewelry Ethereal end! This exquisite piece is a true testament to the delicate artistry and timeless elegance that define our collection. Crafted with precision and passion, the Ethereal end features 14kt gold adorned with two captivating pear-cut CZ's and two dazzling round-cut CZ's that will leave you breathless.

The shimmering glow of the gold sets the stage for the mesmerizing dance of light and reflection that emanates from the glistening CZ gemstones. Each pear and round cut CZ is carefully chosen to capture the essence of beauty and sophistication, creating a harmonious symphony of grace and elegance.

Embrace the magic of transformation as you wear the Ethereal end, allowing its celestial energy to elevate your style and illuminate your spirit. Let each glimmering CZ be a reminder of your inner radiance and unique charm, shining brightly like a beacon of self-expression and individuality. With the Ethereal end adorning your body, you become a living embodiment of grace and beauty, a true goddess of light and love.

This stunning end is available in a 14kt Yellow, Rose, or White gold setting.

*Please note - all attachments are sold with a High Polish Implant Grade Titanium Labret Post included in the price. Standard size (1.2mm x 8mm) will be included, if you require a different length, please let us know in the notes section.

*This piece is sold singularly. If you require a pair, you must order 2. Thank you.

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Metal Colour

Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold


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