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The important part begins now– looking after your new piercing is essential to its health and healing.

It is a fresh wound and it is important to treat it as such. This means ensuring your piercing is kept clean, not irritated and downsized when the time is right. Please do not remove or replace your jewellery until it is healed! If you do attempt to, it might mean you are unable to reinsert your jewellery and you may lose your piercing. It is important to remember that everyone heals at a different pace and although we recommend minimum healing times, individual people’s bodies and different lifestyles will mean you heal at your own pace and this should be factored into your aftercare.

We recommend cleaning your piercing with a premade sterile saline solution. Although you can make up your own saline with a ¼ teaspoon of natural rock salt (non-iodized) into a 8oz cup of boiled water extenuating factors like differences in amount, cup cleanliness and temperature discrepancies can lead to problems, so we sell in store and online everything you need to ensure your piercing gets the best aftercare! Soak your piercing twice a day with your saline solution and you can also use a clean cotton bud soaked in your saline to remove any dried lymph (gently!) from the area.

Do not twist, turn or touch your piercing at all during its healing period. This can cause irritation and torsion to the fresh piercing as well as introduce bacteria to your piercing which can lead to infections. Do however be aware that piercing balls/attachments can loosen when cleaning, so it is important to ensure they are kept tight (wearing a clean pair of disposable gloves to check is recommended)

For the first few weeks of any new piercing you can expect the area to be tender, red, swollen, sometimes a little bruised feeling or a combination of the above, especially with longer healing piercings e.g. Navels. New piercings can also bleed, especially if knocked. You can expect your new piercing to secrete a clear to yellow liquid, which hardens to a crust when it dries. This is called Lymph and is not a sign of infection- it is completely normal and shows that your body is working to heal the area. Your saline bathes should work to remove any of this liquid/crust gently and should be thought of as such- a remover of dirt built up from the day/lymph/blood from your piercing. It is your body that will do the work healing the piercing, so try not to over clean the area (twice a day is generally more than enough) and remember to look after yourself and listen to your body.

It is important to ensure that during the healing period you are not going swimming, or to steam room saunas etc, that you are not sleeping on your new piercing or wearing tight clothing over the area and that you downsize your jewellery at an appropriate time. New piercings will always be pierced with jewellery that has a little extra length/internal diameter to accommodate for the body naturally swelling after the piercing is performed. Leaving in longer jewellery can cause your piercing to get caught easier and can change the angle of the piercing if it is slept on or pressure is continually put on it.

With Oral Piercings it is recommended that you take ibuprofen and/or arnica as an anti-inflammatory if you are able to, as this will help with swelling, that you try and eat colder foods to help with swelling and that you avoid strong oral hygiene products and spicy foods to avoid extraneous irritation to your fresh piercing.

With Genital Piercings we recommend abstinence for an absolute minimum of the first week and protection to be worn for the entire healing process. As urine is sterile to your own body (providing you are healthy) its fine to urinate as normal, don’t try and hold it in!

Approx. Minimum Healing Times

Earlobe– 6-8 weeks
Ear Rim/Flat– 8-12 weeks

Tragus– 12 weeks
Rook– 12 weeks
Conch– 12 weeks
Daith– 12 weeks
Anti Tragus– 12 weeks
Forward Helix– 12 weeks
Snug– 12 weeks
Scaffold/Industrial– 12 weeks

Eyebrow– 8 weeks
Nostril– 12 weeks
Lip– 6-8 weeks
Vertical Labret– 8 weeks
Ashley– 8 weeks
Cheeks– 12 weeks
Tongue– 2 weeks
Bridge– 8 weeks
Septum– 6 weeks
Smiley– 6 weeks

Navel– 4-6 months
Nipple– 12 weeks
Surface– 12 weeks
Microdermal– 6-8 weeks

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