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Suns out, tums out!

Suns out, tums out!

Navel piercings or belly/tummy piercings as people call them are a piercing just above the navel and exits through the inside. Typically, people...

COVID Regulations

COVID Regulations

At Flux Piercing Studio we have dedicated an incredible amount of time, effort, money, and energy into making sure that we are as safe as possible...

Piercing Tips & Tricks

Piercing Tips & Tricks

Piercing tips and tricks - from piercers! Working in the trade you pick up some tricks and tips as you go, so today we’d like to share some with you...

Piercing Healing Times

Piercing Healing Times

Piercing healing times vary not only by area but can vary slightly from person to person. Because of this, we have set minimum healing times for...

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