Navel piercings or belly/tummy piercings as people call them are a piercing just above the navel and exits through the inside. Typically, people wear a navel curve which consists of a smaller ball on the top and a larger ball on the bottom that sits just inside however there are various styles!

We find an influx in requests for navel piercings as the temperatures rise so we thought we would share some knowledge with you all if this is something you are considering!

Like many piercings, navel piercings are anatomy dependant. However – this does not mean that they are weight dependant! One of the biggest myths we hear is “I’m too skinny to have mine pierced” Or “I’m too big to have mine pierced”. This is not the case at all, so long as you have the correct anatomy for the piercing to be placed snuggly inside your navel and don’t live a lifestyle that could affect the healing then you’re good to go!

Navel Piercing - Example of a Piercing

We have a lot of people say to us they want to get their navel pierced but they are waiting till they have lost or gained x amount of weight, which if that is a goal you aspire to and you want a reward to look forward to then awesome.

However, if you feel ‘too big’ or ‘too small’ to get your navel pierced and that is the reason you are waiting then don’t wait. There is no such thing as too big or too small. The attention you must give that area during the aftercare period, focusing on caring and looking after an area you currently or previously did not like quite often helps us to have more respect for it. It fills our heart with joy when piercings can help someone with their self-confidence, for example in this instance we have had people get their navel pierced that do not like their stomach, but now they have a beautiful sparkly navel piercing that they love and makes them like that area of them that little bit more.

All navels and stomachs are unique!

If you are not sure whether your navel is suitable, it’s worth booking a consultation. It’s not always easy for us to be able to tell whether you will be suitable via a photo so often and in-person consultation is best. 

Thing’s that are more important to consider than weight when it comes to this particular piercing is your lifestyle. Even if you are suitable for your piercing anatomy wise, your lifestyle might not be the best match for healing the piercing.

Because of the high movement in that area, they take a good 6+ months to heal. If you engage in hobbies that mean you are using your core more than the average person you may run into troubles healing or prolong your healing. Hobbies like horse riding, gymnastics, and other sports will mean you are moving that area more, are more prone to knocking and bumping it and quite often the clothing you need to wear for sports isn’t suitable. (We do not suggest any clothing that will put pressure on the area like high-waisted gym leggings).

Another thing to consider is, are you going on holiday anytime soon? Are you an eager swimmer? Did you just treat yourself to that fancy hot tub?

Navel Piercings - One size doesn't fit all

Swimming with a fresh piercing is a big no no. This includes pools, hot tubs and the ocean. Essentially any body of water that contains chemicals and/or other people’s germs. We have more people requesting navel piercings in the hotter weather as this allows people to be able to show it off more but if your keep cool plan involves swimming it might not be the best time for you to get this particular piercing.  The area would be submerged in water exposing the piercing to a risk of irritation, or worse case scenario, an infection.

We never suggest swimming with a piercing while it is healing, as although beautiful, it is indeed a fresh open wound that you don’t want anything getting into. However – if it is getting further into your healing and swimming is something you think about at least consider a waterproof covering. The joy of navel piercings is that they are a flat surface allowing a sealed edge waterproof plaster to cover the area.

And finally – navels are for all genders. So get involved! Also, buy your navel piercings here…

If this has sparked any questions that we haven’t answered here or you’re looking to book in then feel free to get in touch with us, we’re open 7 days a week!

Written and edited by Sully and Gemma.